Accelerate Your Hardware Sales With Advanced Financing Solutions by Baseline



For Contract Manufacturers (CMs) and Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers that identify as Tier 2 or Tier 3 (<$5B Revenue), Baseline has developed a unique partnership opportunity to achieve these primary benefits:

  • Provide peace of mind that high growth or rapidly scaling customers can meet their financial obligation to you.
  • Increase the order size from high growth or significantly-sized customers.
  • Offer a competitive advantage and improve stickiness of quality customers with Baseline as a key financing partner.
  • Provide flexible financing options that allows CM and EMS companies to grow market share with limited exposure or financing risk.
  • Lower the risk of payment delays/non-payment from key customers.
  • Improve payment terms.

If you would like to learn more about being a Baseline Hardware Financing partner, please contact us today.

About Baseline

We're not capital vendors, we're investors.  At Baseline, we have a committed-capital fund and we look at your company from the perspective of a long-term, value-add partner.  We bet on you to be good at what you do: providing excellent business solutions and keeping your customers happy.


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