Accelerate Your Hardware Sales With Advanced Financing Solutions by Baseline


Baseline is for companies who offer B2B solutions with a hardware component and who are facing sales friction due to the capital requirements associated with hardware.  We are investors in your business, but not like anything you have seen before.

  Unlike banks, leasing companies, venture capitalists, and other traditional forms of capital, Baseline is the only investor who not only aligns with your interests but also speeds up your sales. 


How?  We’re structured from the ground up with innovative capital solutions designed to address 21st-century hardware challenges.

Our Unique Investment Approach

Rather than burdening your balance sheet or diluting your equity, Baseline invests in your company by purchasing a portion of each sale you make.  Specifically, we buy your hardware from you and then let you use it, even deploying it to your end users.  As a result, you can provide your integrated solution to your end users, priced as an ongoing operating expenditure, the way they want to purchase.  You can be a solution provider with recurring revenues, not a box seller.

With Baseline’s unique approach, both buyers and sellers are liberated from the high up-front capital expenditure that has held back hardware deployment in the past.


  • Typically, we partner with companies that established revenues greater than a $5 Million run rate, and who have a hardware component to the solution they provide to other businesses.  Specifically, we look for companies that have a high value-add to the hardware, either through intellectual property, innovative designs, complementary, software, services, or other integrations with the hardware.
  • If you already have an “as a Service” type offering and are looking to accelerate your sales while freeing up capital OR are contemplating launching a “Hardware as a Service” (HaaS) revenue stream, you might be a fit for us.
  • Whether industrial, high-tech, healthcare, agriculture, IoT, aerospace, energy, or retail applications, hardware is an increasingly important part of moving companies into the future.  Baseline makes implementing these solutions easier than ever.

If you’d like to talk with us about your hardware challenges, please contact us today.

If any of these sound familiar:


  • Hardware purchase costs are frustrating your sales.
  • You are trying to pivot to a recurring revenue model or rental model with your hardware.
  • You are in a tug of war with your manufacturer and stuck on working capital.
  • You are limited by what your bank can do for you.
  • You are having to float hardware on your balance sheet
  • You have to convince your customers to pay for hardware up front and the rest of your services or software over time.
  • Your capital providers don’t understand the value of your hardware.

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About Baseline

We’re not capital vendors, we’re investors.  At Baseline, we have a committed-capital fund and we look at your company from the perspective of a long-term, value-add partner.  We bet on you to be good at what you do: providing excellent business solutions and keeping your customers happy.
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Prior to Baseline, Joel was a VP at Cypress Growth Capital and a Managing Director at Core Capital Group, during which time he developed and field-tested the unique concepts formalized in Baseline.  Joel has worked closely with dozens of B2B tech companies on capital strategy and growth initiatives and evaluated hundreds more.

With over 15 years of operational experience, Raghav has shepherded hyper growth in technology-enabled service companies and consumer-facing eCommerce platforms, in addition to advising Fortune 1000 companies on large strategic initiatives.