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Baseline Growth Capital and Kootoro today announced the launch of an integrated Software and Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution that enables transactions using a range of payment options through mobile point of sale devices.

Joint venturing with Baseline will enable Kootoro to provide an affordable, comprehensive offering that allows customers to seamlessly integrate technology within their operations. In the developing economies of SE Asia in particular, the rise of the middle class and therefore consumer spending, combined with the rapid increase of personal smart mobile devices has created a need for secure, safe, and simple transactions.

Starting with vertically integrated next generation of automated robotic kiosks (vending machines), over the last several years Kootoro, has steadily established a foothold and is a leading player in the e-payments space in Vietnam. With growth sights set on the rest of South East Asia, the integrated product offering enables Kootoro to provide a “one price” all-inclusive solution for a range of retailers in the region.

“Kootoro is in the business of providing smart revenue optimizing solutions for retailers and we are able to do so with a comprehensive solution,” said Huan Nguyen, CEO of Kootoro. “The partnership with Baseline gives us the ability to streamline our offerings to our customers, greatly simplifying the sales process and accelerating adoption of our solution in the marketplace.” He added, “Baseline’s approach is unique, bold, and transformative. We look forward to building on this partnership and launching new offerings”.

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership with Kootoro,” said Joel Gheen, CEO of Baseline. “We’ve worked hard to develop unique financing solutions for hardware. In this case, we can help accelerate Kootoro’s go-to market strategy. It further validates Baseline’s thesis that fully-integrated solutions priced for operating budgets is the way of the future for enterprise technology.”

Baseline sees the global economic pull-back due to the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity for companies with integrated hardware offerings to re-cast their market strategies and capitalize on the “As a Service” trend.

The companies did not disclose the size or structure of the investment, however, Baseline is the first institutional investor in the business and intends to support several years of growth and expansion for Kootoro.

About Baseline
Baseline works globally with companies that provide integrated technology solutions with software/data, services and hardware components for customers spanning Retail, Oil & Gas, Logistics/supply chain, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc. Using a proprietary financing model, Baseline’s partners provide solutions including IoT enablement, Digital Displays, Telematics, Robotics, Transaction Processing, and Industrial automation. Through a partnership with Baseline, companies are able to accelerate their sales, gain market share, and demonstrate increased value to shareholders. For more information please see https://www.hardwarefinancing.com or contact@hardwarefinancing.com or +1 (720) 515-8951.

About Kootoro
Kootoro’s mission is to fundamentally transform the way retailers transact business. A recognized leader in next-generation payments technology space in South East Asia, Kootoro’s advanced integrations and technical flexibility offer solutions for retailers of all shapes and sizes. Clients use Kootoro solutions to enable sales transactions, drive repeat transactions, increase share of spend, and improve operating performance. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in Vietnam. For more information, visit https://kootoro.com/